Well where do you start? I shall start by ignoring all the boring time consuming details of life, focusing on my passion of wood, as that is why your reading about me. We are of the same breed, a breed of wood lovers. There is nothing like that sound of a wood plane cutting the ‘perfect’ shave or the push and pull well tuned tenon saw and an apt hand. Whilst these are the pleasantries of the workshop I adore on a much deeper and intimate level the sound of a creaking tree in the forest, the rustle of its leaves and all the flora and fauna in it’s majesty. Often I have the debate with friend or stranger about how one that feels so about the forests can then ‘turn a blind eye’ and cut down the trees to make furniture. My answer is simple: “first I use only sustainably sourced materials and/or use second hand materials including salvaged burnt wood. Second better a piece of wood turned into something which displays it beauty and functionality to its best than burnt in wood fires or mashed into pulp. My furniture is designed to last generations. Generations of use and pleasure rather than a two second flirt of pen on paper or a year or two as a mass-produce poorly made piece of furniture driven by the ever increasing demand of cheap goods!”

Any way enough of that fiery debate and I am always glad to hear new opinions on such issues as a matter of fact any issues which relate to the furniture/wood industries.

I cannot remember when or how I came to the conclusion that I wanted to work wood. All I know is that my Grandmother, a exempt needle worker herself, was always taking me to craft expos and doing anything in her power to assist my endeavor to become proficient in the art of woodworking. She took me to my first wood workers guild (The Albury/Wodonga Craftsman’s Guild) and from there I met some of the most aweinspiring craftsmen which fueled my lust even more. She brought me templates and little kits to jigsaw bird patterns and images of my desire. I suppose it’s almost the unspoken duty of the crafts person to the inquisitive new comer to assist them in any way possible.

Enough story telling, I could write a book, so instead I have jotted down a brief list of accomplishments:

-Born in Australia in 1987

-Higher School Certificate in 2005
Placed in the top one percent of the state in Industrial Technology:
Exhibited in the INTEC exhibition for excellence

-Currently undertaking a Bachelor Of Design Arts at the Australian National University
Award for excellence in the Furniture/wood program 2006
Award of Merit for high achievers in academic excellence university wide 2006 and 2007
Awarded a Travel Scholarship based on academic achievements 2007

-Represented Australian National University at the Californian College of the Arts on an exchange program semester one of 2008.

-The study of fine furniture, furniture of the past and present, the skills and techniques in which they were made, is the focus of my degree.

Adam Evans

Visit my website at AEvansFurniture.com


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