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Designing Furniture – A blog to read

In relation to my previous article: Designing Furniture, I thought i’d refer you all to a blog that I have recently come upon. It discusses the three pillars of design: Function, Construction, and Proportion.

So check it out: The Craftsman’s Path


ANU Graduate

I was browsing blogs the other day (as you do) and came across an  Australian National University graduate. His blog is an interesting read – check it out: Wood-fired

Piero Fornasetti

“The return of decoration, specifically the embellishment of surface, has been one of the most conspicuous characteristics of design in the last decade (being the 1980’s). This tendency represents a distinctly anti-modernist stance, rejecting previously inviolable prohibitions against ornament, historical naturalistic reference, and non-functional form…” Piero Fornasetti

It’s an interesting observation. As you may have noticed from my other quotes i’m a bit of a traditionalist in heart. However as a woody in todays society it pays (,in dollars to,) to be flexable in what you design and produce. At the end of the day you have to eat and pay the bills.

William Morris

“I must needs think of furniture as of two kinds: one part of it being chairs, dining and working tables and the like, the necessary work-a-day furniture in short, which should be of course both well made and well proportioned, but simple to the last degree….But besides this kind of furniture, there is the other kind of what I should call state furniture, which I think is quite proper even for a citizen: I mean sideboards, cabinets and the like, which we have quite as much for beauty’s sake as for use; we need not spare ornament on these, but may make them as elegant and as elaborate as we can with carving, inlaying or painting; these are the blossoms of the art of furniture”.

William Morris – 1882

Begining to get to know my work

Whilst you can read a longwinded explanation of who I am and what I’m about I thought I’d let you view my work. Please feel free to comment and open discussion on them. Also I am interested in what you are up to so leave links!!!

A Cabinet of Curiosity

A Cabinet of Curiosity

A Cabinet of Cruiosity
A Cabinet of Cruiosity
Cabinet of Curiosity

Cabinet of Curiosity












Made from American Cherry and Birdseye Maple. Some of the joinery includes hand cut dovetails, laped mitres and birdsbead tenons with complementry  table saw and routed splined mitres.