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Beauty For Beauty’s Sake????

Since when did the misconception come about that all art must have some hidden meaning, or have an in-depth representation of an object? Why can’t art any longer just be an object of beauty for beauty’s sake?

By John Seymour  wrote: “Before the Industrial Revolution every object made by man or woman was decorated fittingly and beautifully. In fact, the pre-industrial scientist would have found it hateful to work with apparatus unembellished by the work of the artist. Can you imagine a modern-day chemist asking a glass engraver to cut beautiful designs upon his test tubes?

Farm machinery was one of the last classes of object to surrender to pure utilitarianism. Up until the 1950’s farm machinery, even that designed to be pulled by tractors, was painted in the factory with panels and scrolls. Carts and wagons had chamfering carved on all their timbers, often skillfully “lined-out” in paint by the wainwright, and beautiful “fiddle-heads” were carved on projecting timbers.

Today, no tractor manufacturer would consider doing such a thing. Objects manufactured for domestic use have suffered similarily but the living tradition of the decorative arts has not died out entirely and there is a growing number of craftspeople who are trying to revive the art of true decoration.” The Forgotten Arts & Crafts – skills from Bygone Days By John Seymour 

I’m not saying we should decorate to that extreme, I am just fed up with people always believing there is some second or third meaning behind art/decoration rather than just appreciating it for what it is.