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New and Improved

Thought I’d let you all know that I have made a new website. Well it’s more a business card actually. Anyway check it out:


Designing Furniture – A blog to read

In relation to my previous article: Designing Furniture, I thought i’d refer you all to a blog that I have recently come upon. It discusses the three pillars of design: Function, Construction, and Proportion.

So check it out: The Craftsman’s Path

ANU Graduate

I was browsing blogs the other day (as you do) and came across an  Australian National University graduate. His blog is an interesting read – check it out: Wood-fired

What’s on the Agenda

I’m currently in the process of designing and making some chairs. These will be for a commission including a side chair, arm chair and a bench seat. Mackintosh, Rhulman and Henery Van de Vield are my main inspirations at this point. The chairs will seem curved and flowing from the elevation and side elevation views but sharp and dimond like from the plan view. Hense I have nick named it the ‘Diamond Chair’, which also symbolises the wealth of research, time, skills and hopefully money I recieve from it.

Mackintosh chair

Bed Side Tables

These bedside tables have been constructed using the traditional drawer and frame construction. This consists on many tenon joints (usually double tenons) with complementary haunched tenons and dovetails. Ranging from a whopping eight to ten joints per leg, all of course hand done. You wouldn’t believe this would you from looking at them. I would like to point out now that there is a reason why the most prestigious and debated joint is the ‘secret dovetail’. It’s because a good craftsmen doesn’t need to show off his goods! Craftsmen pride themselves on quality, therefore the choice of the joint shouldn’t be for grandeur or show but for its practicality. When viewing a piece where someone has sought to prostrate their joinery, and especially if it is the wrong type for the purpose required, then I only look on with disgust. A good piece of furniture shouldn’t need the grandeur of displayed joinery to sell it, that is a failure in design!

Bedside Tables

Bedside Tables

Practise Joint for leg construction

Practise Joint for leg construction

Practise Joint assembled

Practise Joint assembled

Please excuse the dates on these images – camera troubles

The first post

“You can teach a man to draw a straight line, and to cut one; to strike a curved line, and to carve it; and to copy and carve any number of given lines or forms, with admirable speed and perfect precision; and you find his work perfect of its kind; but you ask him to think about any of those forms, to consider if he cannot find any better in his own head, he stops; his execution becomes hesitating; he thinks, and ten to one he thinks wrong; ten to one he makes a mistake in the first touch he gives to his work as a thinking being. But you have made a man of him for all that. He was only a machine before, an animated tool.” Ruskin 1853

I view my blog as a source of inspiration, as I intend to view others, thus such quotes as this by John Ruskin will be one of the main features of this blog. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!